About the Photographer

Emma Eckert, Photographer – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Life consists of countless little moments. The small things, the unexpected, unplanned instants, are often what we remember – what our most cherished memories are made of. I gravitate towards producing images that have a vibrant feel, full of life. Many of my favorite shots also have a dream-like quality to them.

I am detail oriented, and like to include several important, story-enhancing shots with most photo packages. I love behind-the-scenes images, and have an affinity for candid portraits (though posed can be just as beautiful – just not as spur-of-the-moment). If something makes me laugh, you can bet I’ll be taking a photo of it. (Your sister just popped up from under your wedding dress, like she’d been there the whole time? Snap! Your grandma sticking her tongue out at the camera? Snap!)

As your photographer, I’ll work with you to capture the details of your photoshoot or event, compiling the important aspects as we have discussed and agreed upon. I work in a photojournalistic style, combined with some elements of traditional arranged shots, creating images that tell a story. Your ideas are important to me in deciding how to create the photographic narrative – that story is a combined work of art, where we collaborate and share our visions for the final product. Let’s get together and talk!


Call/Text me at 505.615.4590 or E-mail me at emma.echo.photo@gmail.com